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The best steroids for drying

The best steroids for drying

Each athlete wants not only to gain the desired muscle mass but also to create a muscle relief. After all, it is precisely the drawing of muscles, their so-called dryness, that is highly valued among bodybuilders. According to this indicator, athletes are also evaluated at bodybuilding competitions. And such a quality of the body - without extra fatty deposits - is the ideal of every athlete, not only in power sports. You can achieve this result by alternating mass gain and drying. Today in this article we will consider in more detail the drying process, and the use of steroids for drying.

What is drying in general?

For novice athletes, we need to be clear. You can divide all of your work in the gym into two periods - this is fast muscle growth and getting rid of excess body fat, that is, drying. Unfortunately, in the period when you are training hard and adhering to a high-calorie, protein diet, it is impossible to gain muscle mass only. In any case, together with the muscles, you gain body fat. That is why, after the end of the period of mass gain, a novice athlete may encounter a lack of muscle relief. Many novice athletes neglect the drying process and do not use it in their practice. But this is in vain because it is drying that can lead the athlete to the desired result.

How to alternate these processes?

These two processes - mass gain and drying - are continuously interconnected and cyclically replace each other. And every athlete knows that for these two periods you need to not only follow different diets and exercise in different ways but also choose the right steroid medications. If your goal is how to pump quickly by summer, then you should start with steroids to increase muscle mass. Here you can read an article on how to quickly gain muscle mass.

And if your goal is to achieve a traced muscle relief, and reduce the percentage of fat in the body, then you need to select special steroids for drying. The direct action of that these steroids is fat burning. This is due to an increase in metabolic rate, and increased production of thyroid hormones and adrenal glands. Such steroids act directly on fat cells, stimulating their breakdown. But such steroids also have their drawbacks - they practically do not affect muscle volume. Their anabolic properties are lower than those of steroids for mass gain.

Which steroids are best for drying?

Firstly, Masteron is worth mentioning. This is one of the most popular drying products, among all. A rather important feature of the drug is that this steroid has a low tendency to aromatize. In principle, almost all steroids for drying are distinguished by this. After all, with water retention in the body, it is impossible to create a high-quality muscular relief. Masteron's course in combination with a low-carb diet will allow athletes to achieve an excellent effect. Besides, many professional athletes additionally take steroids with fat burners during drying courses.

Specialists in the field of sports medicine note another important feature of the drug in question - stimulation of the nervous system. As a result, the athlete has additional energy and strength for training. Many athletes actively use Masteron during the drying period due to its high safety. At the courses of this steroid, side effects are extremely rare. But do not forget about post-course therapy - most often after the Masteron course, athletes use Gonadotropin.

Trenbolone Acetate

This steroid is universal - it is suitable for mass gain and also is a fat-burning steroid. To get the best possible result, a high protein diet should be used on the course. Despite its ability to burn fat, this steroid also has significant anabolic activity. This drug also has disadvantages - despite the low aromatization, side effects can still occur. They do not occur due to conversion to estrogen, but because of the high progestogen activity of Trenbolone. To prevent them, Cabergoline should be used as a post-course therapy. If Trenbolone Acetate is used for a long time, then Gonadotropin is mandatory in the composition of the course.

Stanozolol (Winstrol)

Many athletes consider this particular anabolic to be the best preparation for drying. We explain to beginners that Winstrol is an injectable version of Stanozolol. Female bodybuilders can use this anabolic in tablets, but the use of an injection drug is not safe for them. Also among the advantages of Winstrol is the absence of hepatotoxicity.

Among the advantages of the drug are the inability to interact with aromatase. As a result, estrogenic side effects on the course are simply not possible. However, the negative effects when using Winstrol are extremely rare.

Combined Steroid Courses for Drying

Some athletes use a combination of several anabolics for the best effect. It can be such a combination of drugs as Winstrol and Testosterone propionate. Perhaps this is the most popular and effective combination for drying, which also allows you to increase the amount of lean muscle mass. The balance between muscle growth and fat burning will depend entirely on the nature of nutrition and training. After this course, you should use aromatase inhibitors, since testosterone has a great ability to aromatize. You may want to use low dosages of anastrozole, which allows maintaining the level of estrogen necessary for the body, while additionally increasing relief and accelerating recovery.

Primobolan with Testosterone enanthate is also used, this combination can be used both for mass gain and for highly efficient drying.

It is necessary to carefully select preparations for both mass gain and drying, taking into account the characteristics of the body. Do not forget about the possible side effects, and prevent their occurrence.

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