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Welcome in the online store ANBOLIC MENU!

ANABOLIC MENU is online store where you can find wide range of androgenic anabolic steroids (AAS), drugs for post-course therapy (PCT) and also human growth hormone (HGH) – everything necessary for fast and quality weight loss.

All production we have can fully provide novice athlete’s needs and also we have everything that professional sportsmen need, starting with mass gaining and till preparation for the competition:

Mass-gaining steroid drugs for injections and in tablets;

Drugs for post-course therapy;

Human growth hormone HGH and IGF-1;

Products that helps to normalize the rest and wake mode like Modafinil and Zopiclone;

Steroids for fat burning;

Different types of action diuretics, also potassium-sparing like Spirotone (Aldactone);

Medicines for male potency increasing.

The range is useful for professionals and novice bodybuilders and other sportsmen where it’s necessary to increase main characters of athlete fast: power, speed, endurance. Also some products can help to save weight category and increase productivity and effectiveness.

All range is original and high-quality. It provides high effectiveness of using and reduces emergences of side effects.

One of our aims is to make quality production more available for every sportsman. High-quality steroids let our clients to increase sports achievements, improving sports in the country.

Nice appearance and self-confidence improve our lives. We visit gym to get that feeling. Shape nice body is difficult task, not everybody can do it. Visited our store you make the first step to find self-confidence and nice body. Medicines you can buy in our store will make your trainings lighter and less traumatic, because our production lets not only gain volumes, but also reinforce joints and tendons, avoid injures that can arise during hard physical trainings.

Regardless your goal, mass gaining or weight losing, sanitation or hormone replacement therapy, using of high-quality drugs is a big part of reaching the result. High effectiveness and safety of our production helps you to gain nice results fast.

Lose weight correctly Medicines for weight losing make your body works more effectively, increase metabolic rate, spending fat as energy gradually. You will feel fit of energy and it helps you to reach the aim. The fat that disappears urge you that our production safe and secure if you use it carefully and correctly. Overweighting people have opportunity to change their lives, relieve the burden on internal organs and change the appearance. Slimming people that notice changes and good result start to live and think differently.

AAS As a rule, androgenic anabolic steroids are drugs for mass gaining. These medicines also make you more purposeful, help to overcome laziness and literally force you to lay out in the gym. But this group of medicines also influence on the emotional mood. Anabolic steroids add you power and self-confidence, fast changes with your body cause interest and envy from others. Novice athletes evolve faster than other visitors of the gym because of regularly training and in condition of correctly using of steroid drugs. It often happens that nutrition and rest schedule mismatches necessary rate, but power and mass increasing is fast.

There are many different and very popular injection drugs, big range of tablet steroids that will help to avoid catabolic effects during the cut, excluding the probability of the “rollback”, saving the result for a long time.

Post-course therapy We also offer nice range of drugs that exclude side effects appearing during the applying of androgenic anabolic steroids. There you can find such anti-estrogenic products like Teva Tamoxifen and Armidex, gonadotropic drugs different types and principles of action and effectiveness. For fighting with androgenic side effects Finasteride is very effective.

Quality rest Sportsmen also feel troubles with the sleep during the trainings. Mane athletes feel violent over excitation because of intensive trainings that leads to accumulation of fatigue and troubles with the sleep. You’ll find secure products for regulation the sleep cycles like Modafinil and Zopiclone in our store, that help you to sleep well and get rid you of night awakenings.

Drugs for preventing the chronic fatigue help to reestablish your energy and prevent drowsiness during the preparation for competition. It isn’t a secret that many athletes feel prostration during the cut because of low-calorie diet.

Medicines for male potency increasing This section includes the most effective and checked medicines, like Cialis, Levitra and Viagra. This group of drugs helps to overcome troubles with male potency fact and effective. By the way applying of these products during the trainings helps to improve blood circulation in the organism, oxygenating body and brain.

Unique offers There is number one drug to treat Hepatitis C for adults. Harvoni — Ledipasvir/sofosbuvir is powerful medicine, its active components inhibit the ferment that are responsible for reproduction of the Hepatitis C virus. It denies virus’s development.

This drug is unique and helps to heal newly diagnosed virus or even chronic, every genotype including genotype 1 – the most common one.

Attention! Every medicine in the range has recommendations of dosage and using. You should know that susceptibility to the drug can be different for every person. You should consult the doctor to make your course more qualitative and productive. It lets to use all pharmacology safe and effective. Regular blood tests will help to notice predisposition to side effects.

Your trainings will turn in the pleasant hobby, the result will stay with you for a long time with online store ANABOLIC MENU.