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What is Testosterone?

The male hormone testosterone performs the functions of controlling and controlling the growth of the hairline, tone and timbre of the voice. Also, the appearance of a person will depend on the level of a hormone in the body, and a decrease in the amount of testosterone produced can lead to problems with reproductive functions and worsen the functioning of the immune system. Another function – the development of muscle mass and strength has led to the relevance of controlling testosterone levels to increase achievements in bodybuilding and powerlifting.

NB! Testosterone injections allows you to immediately achieve two important conditions in the formation of aesthetics of the body or increase muscle strength – reduce the time to recover after training, and perform exercises at times more effective by increasing tone. With an increase in hormone levels in the body, the energy tone increases, which allows you to perform more exercises or approaches, increasing the load several times and achieving the desired result in a short time.

The hormone is produced both by the male body and by the female. It is the amount of testosterone produced that is an indicator in the formation of a person’s appearance. Due to the fact that the male body produces a greater amount of the hormone, it manifests secondary sexual characteristics.

In addition, an increased concentration of testosterone affects the formation of physique – the width of the shoulders, thighs, muscle volume and its relief. This factor led to the widespread use of testosterone in powerlifting, controlling the development of muscles and skeleton.

Testosterone Injections for muscle building

The production of testosterone allows you to not only increase muscle mass or shape the body, but also burn fat. Lack of the necessary amount of hormone will lead to increased formation of fat cells. The first sign of such a decrease in hormone production is the formation of the so-called “beer belly”.

Please note that the hormone in our body is present in two forms – bound and free. The globulin-related form does not participate in the development of muscle tissue or the burning of fat cells, which leads to the formation of folds on the abdomen.

Bodybuilding will eliminate this situation and increase the amount of the main form of testosterone – free. It is important to engage regularly and under the guidance of a professional trainer to prevent deterioration of an already negative situation.

How to do Testosterone Injections?

The breakdown period of the hormone in the body is 1/5 hours. Therefore, the athlete has very little time left for muscle fiber growth. The introduction of natural testosterone into the body using injections allows you to increase the half-life up to 10 hours or more. Consequently, much more time is left for muscle growth, and the effectiveness of training increases tenfold.

Important: The independent use of injections of testosterone or similar drugs without consulting a doctor can lead to negative consequences. Before taking hormones, you should undergo a consultation with a doctor and work out a plan of individual lessons with a professional trainer.

Using natural testosterone injections for men and introducing it into the body allows you to train according to one of two schemes – pure power or mass power. For the first scheme, hormones are taken every three days. This technique is most relevant for powerlifting.

The second scheme is designed for bodybuilding and requires a more frequent intake of the testosterone shots. Of course, this requires ordering a quality product, the dosage of which is easy to calculate and not worry about the negative consequences.

Testosterone Therapy: Conclusion

Thus, testosterone not only plays an important role in the formation of our body, but also allows us to improve the results in bodybuilding or to quickly develop aesthetic forms in powerlifting.

It is important to approach the classes responsibly, do not interrupt them and follow the instructions of the coach and the doctor exactly. Also, professional athletes are systematically examined to monitor the level of testosterone and the effectiveness of its production.