IGF 1 vs HGH

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HGH IGF 1: Drug history

The first fundamental studies of human growth hormone somatotropin and an insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1) were conducted in the United States at the Johns Hopkins University, the Stanford University Medical Center, and the Harbourview Research Center at the University of Washington in the 1960s and 1970s. Similar studies were also conducted in England, Switzerland, Denmark.

These studies have become the basis for the use of this hormone in the treatment of many diseases and general rejuvenation of the human body. Studies have shown that during the therapy with the use of growth hormone, people, who received regular HGH IGF 1 injections, literally changed their behavior and appearance.

Two schemes of injectable HGH were chosen, the first was to inject patients with large doses of the hormone, but three times a week. There was a beneficial effect, but side effects in the form of edema and joint pain were there as well. The second scheme of taking the drug showed phenomenal results. It consisted of injecting the drug in smaller doses, but twice a day and six days a week. One day was left to stimulate the release of the user’s own growth hormone. This system is better perceived by the body because it is very similar to the natural production of a hormone in the human body. Thus, when using the preparation in the morning before meals, and at night, it becomes possible to achieve the maximum result.

Initially, growth hormone was used exclusively for therapeutic purposes, due to inaccessibility and difficulty of production conditions. Thanks to the scientific breakthrough in 1985, a recombinant production method was developed. Scientists were able to produce growth hormone in laboratory conditions with the help of special bacteria. They managed to create an identical product consisting of 191 amino acids, which corresponds to natural somatotropin. The recombinant way of production made it possible to lower the price of the product and make it more accessible for use in sports. A large number of athletes, engaged mainly in power sports such as bodybuilding, powerlifting, and weightlifting, made use of it.

HGH IGF 1 Cycle: Effect on the body

Growth hormone somatotropin is produced by the anterior lobe of the pituitary gland, a small organ in the base of the brain. It is the main organ of the endocrine system, responsible for the production of many hormones, but its main task is the production of growth hormones, since half of the cells of this organ are responsible for the production of this a hormone. Once in the blood, the growth hormone is there for about 20 minutes, gradually filtered out by the liver, where it plays its main role. Its task is in the synthesis of a protein called insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1). Precisely this protein helps to actualize all regulatory and anabolic properties of somatotrophic hormone. IGF-1 is made of a single peptide chain, which consists of 70 amino acid residues (the main components of proteins), so it is the direct initiator of cell growth and fission. Thus, as the concentration of IGF-1 protein increases, blood metabolism increases and anabolism increases in muscle tissues, joints, tendons and internal organs. During the excess of endogenous levels, this protein (IGF-1) positively effects the growth of muscle mass when taking into account physical loads. Athlete, receiving HGH, or already made IGF-1 in the form of injections, is able to get a huge increase in quality muscle and muscle increase, healing of old injuries, prevention of new injuries, as well as general rejuvenation and recovery of the whole organism. As the researchers have shown, growth hormone also effects the improvement of sight and memory.

HGH and IGF-1 together contribute to biolysis the breakdown of fatty tissues. Due to this, the body is saturated with fatty acids that are converted into energy. The level of high density cholesterol good cholesterol, which has a beneficial effect on the circulatory system, is also increasing. It also helps to remove low density cholesterol bad cholesterol from the body, which has the property of settling on the walls of blood vessels, causing clogging. As a result of blood vessel occlusion, such diseases as insult and heart attack occur. Athletes, who use growth hormones during the intensive workouts in the gym, also note the rapid loss of subcutaneous fat, which is beneficial in emphasizing the muscle relief. Bodybuilding professionals prefer to use HGH not only during the recruitment period, but also during drying and during the preparation for the competition. This helps them to save the gained mass and to burn excess fat. In addition, this contributes to the achieved results’ retention without the use of the anabolic steroids and additional drugs.

Bodybuilders and world class athletes, taking a course of growth hormone, are keeping to a strict diet. They try to reduce the intake of fats and simple carbohydrates, but at the same time, to increase the amount of protein. Moreover, in the diet of athletes, complexes of vitamins and minerals are included. There is a popular program for the use of growth hormones, which brings excellent results. It includes proper nutrition, intake of additional vitamins and a good sleep. The decisive factor in the preparation of the course is the addition of drugs, in which structure testosterone is included, such scheme of application allows to increase the anabolic effect from HGH intake in several times.

Where to buy HGH and IGF-1 cycle?

Growth hormone rightfully earned first place among hormones when it comes to building muscle and strengthening the whole body. The drugs, in the structure of which somatotropin and sometomedine C are included, are in great demand in the world market of sports pharmacology. Unfortunately, dishonest sellers, who sell many fake products, make use of this popularity. When buying such drugs, you should not take risks and buy it from unchecked dealers who sell it at a low price. This product is the best that modern medicine can offer, so it just cannot be cheap. The fake drug can harm your health, or have side effects that are bad for the body. When people are applying the recommended dosage and using the original products, the manifestation of side effects is minimized, except for the use of the drug by people, for whom it is contraindicated by medical personnel.

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