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Is it worth to remind yourself of your goals and desires every day? Motivation has a different meaning and significance for each of us. I’ll share my personal experience with you, where I was getting strength and opinions of people...
You could hear a lot of athletes would say: a warm up is important to stay safe and avoid injuries while you are working out in a gym. Yes, that’s true, but have you ever thought how warm up is...
If you are keeping a workout journal, it is one of the most important/prior things you can do while building your great/strong body. The initial value (of what – workout journal) is determined by the mental aspects of a workout....
Bodybuilding and fitness activities are a good mix of pleasure and health. If you’re having such hobby, I can boldly say you are a confident and motivated person. Sometimes your hobby can inspire you so much that you will feel...
As usual, standing in front of the mirror and touching our skin-folds, we start to think if it is possible to get rid of this skin-fold without affecting another parts of our body. There are many opinions. Usually you will...
Imitation At first, you shouldn’t take the biggest dumbbells and try to imitate big guys that goes to the gym for ages. Many newbies come to the gym and proudly try to do exercise independently, imitating more experienced athletes. It’s deuced...
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