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How to grow muscle fast?

How to grow muscle fast?

Probably, every novice athlete is interested in the question - how to grow muscle fast? Each experienced athlete has an opinion on this. Someone believes that the matter is in proper training, someone has increased muscle mass due to diet. But everyone agrees that regularity and discipline are important. To achieve the desired result quickly and keep it, you need to adhere to a training plan and nutrition. It is no secret that taking sports medicine preparations can help in achieving a quick result.

Consider several ways for fast muscle growth.

The first is frequent, high-calorie nutrition. Starvation is a direct way to muscle loss because during hunger the body urgently seeks ways to get energy. And one way is to break down muscle fibres. After starvation, many note the weight loss and believe that they have lost fat mass. But, after a period of hunger, a person loses primarily water and muscles.

The basic principle of nutrition for rapid muscle growth is that calorie intake should exceed their consumption. That is, if you are training hard in the gym, combining cardio training with strength training, then the calorie intake should be appropriate. Most bodybuilders call 40 kilocalories for every kilogram of body weight a suitable indicator for gaining muscle mass. But this does not mean that the calorie intake should be increased at a time. It is better to increase calorie content gradually, for example, once a week, until you reach the desired one.

Naturally, products for rapid muscle growth should be of high quality - the emphasis should be placed on foods rich in protein. This is white meat, cottage cheese, chicken eggs, fish. Carbohydrates of choice are whole grain cereals, green vegetables. It’s worth completely abandoning processed foods that are high in sugar and fat. You can increase protein intake with protein shakes from protein isolates. In such cocktails, you can add various ingredients to improve the taste - cottage cheese, berries, yoghurt.

Water balance

Well, an equally important aspect is the body's water balance. Almost everyone has heard about the fact that the norm of drinking water is 8 glasses a day. But this is not entirely correct. It is better to calculate how much water is needed specifically for your body. The norm is from 15 to 30 millilitres per kilogram of body weight. On days of active training, water intake should be greater. It is also very important to drink water before and during the muscle growth training program itself.

Training for muscle growth

The second principle is proper exercise. It would seem that even a novice athlete knows that to gain mass, you need to perform more strength exercises. And if you want to lose weight or during the drying period, the emphasis should be on cardio training. But it is not so.

Of course, strength exercises play a huge role in the fastest muscle growth. But the wrong technique can reduce all progress to nowhere. Now we will consider several strategies and rules to increase the effectiveness of your training.

  • Do the exercises slowly. Although at high speed you can manage to complete many approaches, it is not always the muscles are working at full capacity. Slow exercise will help to engage the full range of muscle movement. And this, in turn, will affect their beautiful and uniform growth;
  • A tip that comes from the previous - alternate the speed. There is also benefit in quick repetitions. Alternation can help in muscle growth because, at different lifting speeds, the muscles work differently;
  • Choose more weight but fewer reps. Exactly adequate loads will help build muscle, and it will affect how fast they will pump up.
  • Increase in weight gradually! It is not necessary to switch sharply from medium and small weights to large ones - this will only increase the destruction of muscle fibres.
  • Use different simulators for different muscle groups! Your main goal is to prevent the muscles from getting used to the loads because then their growth will slow down. Alternate different exercises and simulators.
  • And the last, but very important advice. Do not neglect rest after training. After all, the greatest muscle growth occurs not during training, but recovery. Between exercises for fast muscle growth, the rest period should be 48 hours.

Cardio training

Do not forget about cardio training. You do not need to completely exclude them from the training regimen, because cardio in a small amount does not affect weight loss. And it has a large number of positive effects - it increases the endurance of the heart and blood vessels, accelerates the metabolism. The optimal amount is 3 cardio workouts per week, lasting from 10 to 20 minutes.

Using these tips, you can make an effective and useful training plan for yourself. And if in doubt, it is better to ask a professional trainer for how to lose weight and pump up quickly.

Food and workout journals

The third useful tip will help you to visualize your type of nutrition and training, and, if necessary, change them. This is keeping food diaries and workouts. The purpose of the nutrition diary is clear - to track the total calorie content, the amount of protein, fat in and carbohydrates, the amount of water drunk. And if necessary, change your diet or add some vitamins for rapid muscle growth.

And why is a training diary necessary? Firstly, this is a convenient way not to forget the required number of approaches or the right weight. And secondly, this is a good way to increase the effectiveness of your workouts. Indeed, given the various factors that influenced the training (multiplicity of approaches, speed, weight, and even your well-being), you can further change the approach to exercises and achieve better results at rapid muscle growth even at home.

Medications for muscle growth

But it also happens that, subject to all the rules of training and nutrition, it is not possible to quickly increase muscle mass. In this case, the use of various pharmacological drugs, namely anabolic steroids, can help. But do not be mistaken that taking steroids alone will help you quickly create a dream body. It is best to apply all the methods in combination - only then you can count on a good result.

So, what anabolic steroids for muscle growth are the most popular?

Firstly, it is methandienone, or its trade name is Dianabol. This is one of the most powerful anabolic steroids at the moment. Its advantages are a relatively low cost, a small number of side effects and, of course, a large increase in strength and muscle mass. Secondly, Stanozolol is also popular among athletes and bodybuilders, as it has the property of fat burning while maintaining muscle mass.

Combined courses, with the simultaneous use of various steroids, also have great effectiveness. For example, the combination of Stanozolol with Testosterone preparations.

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