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How Important Is to Keep the Workout Journal?

How Important Is to Keep the Workout Journal?

If you are keeping a workout journal, it is one of the most important/prior things you can do while building your great/strong body. The initial value (of what – workout journal) is determined by the mental aspects of a workout.

Before each workout, write down the sets, repetitions, and weight that you are going to lift in your workout. Check what have you done in a gym last week and what have you done the week before.

A schedule - is a record of everything you want to do before you go to the gym to perform what was planned. You will go to the gym with the clear, detailed and alive picture of what you are going to perform that day. This simple action by itself will tune you for a good workout.

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Are you keeping track of all your workouts in a journal? No? So, do you remember everything what you have done and what are you going to perform? And you have no need in a journal? It would be hard to guess for me either you're a genius, or the amount of work that you are doing is so insignificant that it's not worth to be written down.

If you are keeping a workout journal, it is reflecting your seriousness towards your workouts. I won't say without the workout journal you won't get any results, of course, there are more valuable things in achieving great results and victories. I'll only say this: when you are keeping a workout journal to record all the details of your workout process and analyze your shape is a really good habit, which has a value not only in bodybuilding but also in your life.

Thanks to my coach who has been recording all my workout process in his journal. Now a few years later I have the opportunity to review my growth during all time of my sports career.

For a long time, I was considering that keeping a workout journal is a waste of time. But I've changed the attitude to it and now I'm happy to find any frayed piece of paper with my own recordings of what and when I was doing my workouts.

When you're analyzing the workout process for one month, you can already see a picture about your body as we all develop differently. Imagine how cool it would be to review the workout process for one year, two and more.

Experienced bodybuilders know that consistent analysis and fixing workout mistakes helped them in achieving their results. How can it be done without a workout journal?

How to write your workout journal?

If you have no idea how to write properly workout journal, you may buy a ‘template’ journal, specially designed for this purpose. If You don't like to write, there are many Android and iPhone applications.

You may want to individualize your paper journal as much as possible, so I will provide you with a list of features you can use in your workout journal. Looking at them, you'll see how it should look like.

1. Workout journal will help you to arrange your sporting life:

  • set goals for yourself and celebrate the small victories;
  • make a schedule for your workouts and make sure you've completed it;
  • keep track of multiple points;
  • make important notes for yourself and review the results.

2. Put down a clear goal intending:

  • taking at least 1 kg more;
  • having less rest between sets;
  • making one more set or repetition.

3. Make a pre-workout program and act accordingly to the schedule making even small steps to get closer to your goal.

4. You'll be able to analyze the results of each workout and review the consistency of dynamic loads to evaluate the growth of your performance.

5. You can create a more effective schedule based on personal achievement considering a background of your physiology and workouts.

Workout journal will bring an interest in your workout. It will discipline and give you a clear understanding of what is happening. Besides that, the first results what can be seen are in the journal first and only then on your body. Keeping a journal allows you constantly to be in a state of growth and fight for the results.

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