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Steroids myths. Most common myths about steroids.

Steroids myths. Most common myths about steroids.

Anabolic steroids are common drugs, both in professional sports and among bodybuilders, but there are many steroids myths. These drugs appeared on the pharmacological market more than half a century ago. One of the first anabolics was testosterone. After that, various steroid-type drugs appeared on sale. In the 20th century, athletes actively used anabolic steroids, since they were completely legalized. Drugs have become indispensable assistants not only in the sports field but also in medicine. Using anabolics, they increased immunity in patients after injuries, burns, operations. Due to their powerful effect, they contribute to the rapid restoration of tissue and improve overall well-being.

But at the end of the 20th century, steroids became illegal in sports medicine. Therefore, now their use is difficult. The ban and fight against steroids have led to the emergence of many myths about anabolic steroids. The media often appeared stories of overdoses and even deaths after the use of anabolics. Many athletes have heard these myths about steroids. In this article, we will analyze the most common steroids myths, and confirm or refute them.

The first of steroids myths. All steroids are dangerous.

This statement is fundamentally false. All medicines can be dangerous if you violate the rules of admission. Even regular aspirin in case of an overdose can lead to irreversible consequences. Anabolic steroids in official medicine are used now. Their use is allowed even in children. They help patients with cancer, cachexia to restore muscle mass. Also, steroids are used in the treatment of burns, after serious injuries and injuries it will recover faster.

It cannot be argued that all anabolic steroids are dangerous to the body. It all depends on the state of the athlete’s body, and the correct dosages and frequency of administration. With a rational approach to the use of anabolic drugs, harm to the body will be minimal.

The second myth. Steroids can only be taken by male athletes.

The first thing we present at the mention of an athlete who uses steroids is a pumped-up male athlete. And the use of steroids in women is always associated with excessive virilization in women. Perhaps this was true at the beginning of the steroid era. But now, with the invention of new anabolics, the prevalence of side effects for women is decreasing. Moreover, there are drugs that have been developed specifically for women. They have been synthesized for use in women with cancer of the ovaries and mammary gland.

Now, these drugs are widely used by female bodybuilders for muscle growth. You can learn more about steroids for women in this article.

The third of steroids myths. All steroids lead to impotence.

A very common myth about anabolic steroids. It is believed mainly by those who did not use steroids and wants to know how to pump up quickly with chemistry. Indeed, when taking anabolic steroids, libido, as a rule, increases. This is one of the main positive effects of steroids. This is not surprising, because a high level of testosterone is directly related to the level of sexual desire.

On the other hand, a decrease in potency may occur if the steroid course is not completed correctly. Or, this side effect can be observed in the absence of post-cycle therapy. Then libido and sexual desire can really decrease. But, again, this is not observed in all athletes.

The fourth myth. Beginners should not use AAS.

This is a myth that spreads at high speed. Contraindications from experience do not exist. If an athlete has a good trainer and sports doctor, there is nothing to be afraid of. Of course, if an athlete came to the gym for the first time, it is too early for him to think about anabolic steroids, this is, at least, stupid, and at most dangerous. It is important to first train the body so that it can withstand the load, and then gain the desired muscles. The safest injectable steroids for beginners are Nandrolone and Winstrol. You can read more about steroids for beginners in this article.

The fifth myth. With steroids, you can get muscle mass without training.

You should not hope that using hormonal drugs and at the same time not loading the body with workouts, you will be able to get muscles like the great bodybuilders. Many novice athletes want to know how fast you can pump on steroids. The process of muscle gain is hard work and you need to approach it comprehensively. Ideally, you need to properly compose a diet and exercise regimen. If possible, work with a qualified trainer - he can tell you what exercises do you need to quickly build up. If an athlete consumes a large number of anabolics and does not exercise, the opposite effect may follow - accumulation of fat instead of muscle.

The sixth of steroids myths. Reduced stamina from steroid use.

The fact that steroids give a quick effect in building muscle mass and rapid pectoral muscle growth, seems to many something unbelievable. And if steroids give rise to rapid muscle growth, then they probably take something away. But it is clinically proven that steroids do not affect endurance, they do not increase it and do not lower, their chemical activity is manifested in the growth of muscle proteins, and not in order to increase or decrease cardiac activity.

The seventh myth. A rapid decrease in muscle mass after giving up anabolics.

When using AAS, muscle growth is significantly bigger because of an increase in hormones in the blood. During the course of the course, with proper nutrition and training, you can gain up to 15 kg of volume and achieve rapid growth of abdominal muscles. After use, the body lacks testosterone. Why is this happening? For a long time, the body received this hormone from the outside, that is, from injections, and testosterone production decreased. In this case, if you do not drink drugs that normalize the hormonal background, muscle tissue destruction can occur. The muscles will gradually go away, but there will be no sharp decrease in muscles. This is a myth that beginners believe in. You buy anabolic steroids for muscle mass in our store.

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