Post and On Cycle Recovery

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Application in sports

It is a well known fact that for a long time, the big time sport cannot do without the maintenance of sports pharmacology. A many numbers of drugs, which help to support the body of an athlete at the maximum of his physical capabilities, are used. When the goal is to excel in sport and to become the best, then, in the course, there are all kinds of means for improving the psychophysical state of an athlete. An important role in the preparation for the competition is played not only by the physical condition of an athlete, but also by the psychological state. During the training, the athlete has to be fully stretched, and this requires a great psychological concentration, focusing of strength, energy and every thought on achieving the goal. In this case, the athlete must be well rested, full of energy, be able to suppress the feeling of anxiety caused by external factors.

An important role is played by a properly selected and set training system, which would harmoniously fit into the daily routine. The correct mode and aspiration of an athlete play a key role in the preparation for the competition. Professionals train daily, and sometimes twice a day, the food intake is evenly distributed throughout the day, 5-6 times a day, not in large portions, helping to evenly saturate the body with nutrients and vitamins. Supporting this regime, the athlete does not overload the food system, remaining vigorous and ready to train at any time.

The sports pharmacology, which is used in preparation, has a great influence on it. In some sports, the speed and endurance are valued, just as the main factor for the victory can be the sufficient strength training or the volume of muscle mass, as in the bodybuilding. Regardless of the type of sport discipline, the drugs, which are taken, must be of superior quality. Drugs of good quality are extremely important, since non quality products have side effects and can harm the athlete.

As a rule, if it is necessary to increase the level of athletic instructions in the training process, a cycle of anabolic steroids is added. It includes the intake of one or more preparations in the structure of which a synthetic analogue of testosterone, or another hormone, produced in the human body, is included.

The main goal of steroids is to increase the metabolic rate, to improve the digestibility of proteins, carbohydrates and fats, to saturate muscle tissues with oxygen, which supports the growth of muscle cells, to strengthen connective tissues and the skeleton.

Effect on the body

While applying one or another drug, it is possible to effect certain indices of an athlete. Some drugs better saturate the blood with oxygen and promote better processing of fatty tissues into energy. This effect is valued where you need endurance in performing monotonous exercises for a long time. Others contribute to the accumulation of more glycogen in the muscles and allow you to perform extra strong exercises, but in a short period. Other drugs simply contribute to the assimilation of proteins and stimulate accelerated protein synthesis in muscle tissues, which leads to the growth of a muscle.

Courses of anabolic steroids, or other synthetic hormonal preparations, can be different in duration, mostly 1-3 months, depending on the required result. Long term use helps the athlete to acquire an excellent shape and to increase the effectiveness significantly. However, long term use is likely to cause unwanted side effects, which are expressed in a decrease in the production of the user’s own hormones. Such a reduction in production can lead to negative consequences after the end of the course of steroids. The glands take some time for the recovery of the production of the necessary amount of hormones. This side effect may occur with the use of large doses.

To reduce the period that the body needs in order to restore the natural hormonal balance, a many numbers of preparations and supplements, which accelerate the process of recovery or even prevent the appearance of side effects, have been developed. These drugs provoke the release of pro hormones into the blood, which, in turn, stimulate the endocrine system’s glands to secretion of natural hormones, thereby increasing their level in the human body. This group of drugs is usually called the preparations of post course therapy (PCT).

Intake of anabolic steroids, based on male sex hormones, leads to an increase in the level of testosterone in the blood. The main part of testosterone enters the muscles and promotes the growth of muscle cells. Testosterone, which is not involved in muscle anabolism, can be converted into estrogens (female sex hormones). This transformation contributes to an increase in the natural level of estrogen and leads to undesirable problems in men. Problems appear in the following symptoms: the deposition of adipose tissue on the female type on the abdomen and hips, as well as the deposition of fat tissue, which is formed around the mammary glands. Such symptoms are displayed in a disease called gynecomastia. It is possible to prevent these symptoms with the help of special drugs that prevent the conversion of male sex hormones into female hormones. A group of such drugs is called anti-estrogens.

Advantage of purchase

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