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Primobolan – Cycle, Dosage & Side Effects

Primobolan – Cycle, Dosage & Side Effects

This is one of the safest steroids for injection. That’s why bodybuilders appreciate it so much. It is an anabolic steroid, a derivative of dihydrotestosterone with weak androgenic activity and moderate anabolic effects. Available in tablets (Primobolan) and in an injectable form (Primobolan Depot). Many athletes compare the effectiveness of this drug and Masteron. If you want to know more about how to quickly pump up at home and read the program of rapid muscle growth, you can read this article. 

The chemical structure of Primobolan

Like Stanozolol, Primobolan is a derivative of dihydrotestosterone. Therefore, their properties and action are very similar. Like Winstrol, this steroid has a long-lasting effect due to the alkylation of the molecule. It is its chemical structure that allows athletes to make injections less often than with other steroids.

Other features of Methenolone:

  • Anabolic activity is almost the same as natural testosterone.
  • Androgenic activity is approximately half the activity of testosterone. This causes a low number of androgenic side effects.
  • Aromatization (conversion to estrogen) - low. Methenolone, like Winstrol, weakly aromatizes. Therefore, estrogenic side effects are also absent.
  • Toxicity to the liver is weak due to the alkylation of the molecule. But, it is worth noting that the toxicity of Primobolan in tablets is higher than the injectable form.
  • The elimination half-life is 5-20 hours in tablets; 4-7 days by injection.

Forms of Methenolone

Primobolan Depot is an injectable form of the drug. The injection form has a long period of action (due to the gradual transition of the drug from muscle to blood), approximately for two weeks. The duration of action of Primobolan Depot is similar to Testosterone Enanthate. The main disadvantage of this form is the pain from injections. Injectable Methenolone acetate with a short half-life of up to about two days is less common.

Primobolan Oral - a form of methenolone in tablets (methenolone acetate), has a much shorter period of action (about 5 hours). Primobolan in tablets has a higher price. A distinctive feature of the tablet form is the absence of toxic effects on the liver, unlike most other oral forms of steroids.

Assessing the overall two forms of methenolone, the majority prefers the injectable form, due to the lower cost and more uniform entry of the active substance into the blood.

Why is it worth choosing this drug for use?

  • This is the only anabolic steroid that leads to an impressive increase in muscle mass, even on a low-calorie diet.
  • It is a rare androgenic steroid that has a mild effect on women and beginners in bodybuilding.
  • Great for beginners due to the fact that Primobolan is not toxic to the liver.
  • The steroid helps build quality muscles without side effects.
  • It connects strongly to anabolic receptors, making it an effective fat burner.
  • Ideal for combined courses.
  • Athletes use Primobolan to build and preserve muscle tissue, especially during the drying period and on a low-calorie diet.

Side effects of Primobolan

Having no identical analogues, Primobolan is a unique steroid that does not cause side effects, since it does not transform into estrogen. Unlike more harmful anabolics, it guarantees better muscle growth, which will not be lightning-fast, but at the same time, it will be stable. A soft but powerful effect on the body makes it popular among women.

Of course, there are no completely harmless anabolics, but the Primobolan side effects are minimal. As a rule, they are purely individual - they depend on special sensitivity or a genetic tendency to lower the timbre of the voice, baldness, or vice versa to enhance hair growth. Side effects when taking injectable Primobolan are minimal and occur in especially sensitive people in the form of acne, decreased voice timbre and enhanced hair growth. Injection Primobolan has even less effect on liver function than the oral form, i.e. an increase in liver function is extremely unlikely. Blood pressure and cholesterol levels remain the same as with Primobolan tablets.

Primobolan administration

The course of Primobolan lasts up to 8 weeks if you take it solo. The maximum weekly dose is 1000 mg for men and 400 mg for women. In the case of combining the administration of this anabolic, it is necessary to adapt to the instructions of another drug and calculate the correct dose and duration of the course.

A course of Primobolan is best suited during the drying cycle to preserve muscle and provide relief. The mild effect of the drug requires a longer course (up to 8 weeks), however, with an increase in the duration of the course of Primobolan, the risk of side effects increases. The dosage of Primobolan oral - 50-100 mg per day. In a 2-3 days after the end of treatment, post-cycle therapy begins. Dosage of Primobolan Depot - 400 mg, 1 time per week. In 3 weeks after the last injection, you`ll have to start post-cycle therapy.

Combined cycles with Primobolan

Primobolan is often used in combination. Among athletes, it is customary to combine Primobolan with other steroids such as Turinabol or Winstrol in order to achieve a faster and better effect. Methenolone Enanthate is also one of the rare steroids that work with low-calorie diets. This makes Primobolan ideal for any weight loss mixture. For drying, methanol enanthate works best in combination with Clenbuterol, Proviron, Nandrolone or Testosterone. During the drying or slimming period, non-aromatic androgens such as Trenbolone can be added. A strong androgenic component should help increase muscle density and hardness. On the other hand, you can add Winstrol or Oxandrolone to the combined course. The result again should be an increase in muscle strength and hardness, but side effects should not occur.

And as mentioned earlier, Primobolan is also effectively used during cycles for gaining body weight. For muscle growth, Testosterone, Danabol or Anapolon will be effective enough. Of course, if you combine with these three drugs, you will have to face estrogenic side effects, but in this case, Primobolan will help the athlete take smaller doses of more toxic drugs and at the same time get acceptable results.

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