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How to choose the right steroids for your body type?

How to choose the right steroids for your body type?

For experienced athletes, it is no secret that anabolic steroids can and should even be selected individually. For the best result, it is not only your goal when taking steroids that matters - to gain muscle mass, preserve existing muscles or dry your body. Also important, of course, is the gender of the athlete. Steroids for women, both for drying and for gaining mass, are different from men's. Learn more about the best steroids for women and how to quickly pump up a girl at home in this article. Steroids must also be selected taking into account the physique of the athlete. In this article, we will consider such questions - what are the types of physique? How to achieve the best results for athletes with different body types? And finally, how to choose the best steroids for your body type?

What are the body types?

This classification of figure types is, of course, not official. And it is also worth mentioning that in nature very pronounced types of figures are very rare. Most often, the athlete will have features of different body types. In this case, it is necessary to evaluate the characteristics of which type of figure prevail.

So, there are three main body types. They are familiar to every athlete who trains in the gym. These are ectomorphs, mesomorphs and endomorphs. Below we will analyze all these body types in more detail.

Ectomorphic type of figure

Let's start with an ectomorphic figure. The features of this type of physique are that they are, as a rule, slender people with a minimum amount of subcutaneous fat. Their height can be both high and medium. A distinctive characteristic of ectomorphs is that gaining muscle mass is just as difficult for them as excess fat.

Most often, it is people with such a physique who are interested in how to pump up very quickly. Their main interest is a set of muscle mass, rather than weight loss or drying. But, as a rule, it is quite difficult for such athletes to increase weight.

And this is due to the features of their metabolism and hormonal background. In such athletes, the level of endogenous testosterone can be either low, or the level of testosterone is normal, but almost all of it is associated with globulin. And therefore, a quick set of muscle mass for such athletes is difficult. How to solve this problem?

Recommendations for ectomorphs. The best steroids for your body type

In this case, it is Testosterone enanthate that is ideal, at a dosage of 500 mg per week. Of the anabolic agents for ectomorphs, Nandrolone is best suited, with a dosage of 100 mg every 3 days. The average duration of the course is from 6 to 12 weeks. As a post-course therapy, given the side effects of Nandrolone, it is worth using prolactin inhibitors, such as Cabergoline. Unfortunately - Boldenone or Primabolan do little to help people with accelerated metabolic processes. Of the sports supplements, it’s classic weight gainers with a lot of quick-acting carbohydrates and (possibly) with the presence of fats that are suitable.

Endomorphic body type

The second type of physique is an endomorph. These are people who are prone to gaining weight and losing extra pounds is more difficult for them than for ectomorphs or mesomorphs. Such athletes are more interested in drying and losing weight than gaining muscle mass. For them, the question is not relevant - how to quickly and efficiently pump up, their first goal is to lose excess fat.

For athletes with this type of figure, you need to carefully monitor the diet in the first place. A low-carb, high-protein diet is the best choice. For endomorphs, glucose metabolism in the body must be carefully monitored, because people with excess weight often have insulin resistance. Also, in people with this type of physique, testosterone and prolactin may be reduced. Therefore, it is important to control hormone levels and be sure to conduct post-cycle therapy.

Recommendations for endomorphs. The best steroids for your body type

First of all, Testosterone propionate is needed for endomorph, 50-100 mg every other day. If there are problems with the tolerance of injections, then testosterone enanthate is 250 mg per week. In addition to testosterone, Boldenone (600 mg per week) or Methenolone enanthate, better known as Primobolan (400 - 600 mg per week) should be selected as an anabolic component. Both of them give an increase in muscle mass, both are safe in terms of excessive fluid retention under the skin and show excellent performance against the background of minimal doses of Testosterone. From sports nutrition, it is better to use BCAA (no more than 80 grams per day).

Mesomorphic body type

A mesomorphic figure is, probably, the best type of figure for sports and bodybuilding in particular. This type of figure has a harmonious development of muscles. The amount of subcutaneous fat in these athletes is small, adipose tissue is evenly distributed throughout the figure. It is relatively easy for such athletes to gain muscle mass in a short period of time. Some mesomorphs may not even resort to anabolic steroids.

Recommendations for mesomorphs. The best steroids for your body type

The best steroid choice for a mesomorph is 500 mg Testosterone enanthate per week for 12 weeks. Trenbolone, 100 mg every other day, is the best anabolic drug. The duration of the course is 12 weeks.


Undoubtedly, individual selection of steroids is the best choice for an athlete. And in this article, we made sure that the type of athlete's figure also affects the choice of steroids. Above, we examined the main options for the best steroids for your body type. But in each individual case, the choice of steroids depends on the goal of the athlete, and on the course of training. If you are searching where to buy a steroid course, you can visit our store.

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