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The proper steroids use

The proper steroids use

So, you decided to take steroids for better muscle growth and increase overall strength. You also studied the steroids pros and cons and got acquainted with possible side effects. You can learn more about the possible side effects of anabolic drugs in this article. It will not be superfluous to learn how to prevent the occurrence of these very side effects. Or maybe you even picked up a drug for yourself or made up a whole course. Now you can easily do it yourself, just study the information. If you doubt your abilities, you can contact a sports medicine doctor for this. There is only one question left - what is the proper use of steroids? And what is needed for this?

How to use steroids in a proper way?

First, the administration depends on the dosage form in which the anabolic steroid is released. It is no secret that anabolics are produced mainly in two forms - tablet and injection. There are other forms, such as steroids in drops, which also need to be taken by mouth. You need to decide which form of the anabolic drug is right for you. Both the one and the other form have their advantages and disadvantages. For example, for the first course of steroids, novice athletes most often choose oral steroids for themselves. Athletes unconsciously consider pills safer than injections. This is partly true because taking steroids in pills is painless, it is easier to stop if side effects occur. But, on the other hand, taking oral steroids has a greater negative effect on the liver. And after a course of these drugs, you may need to take hepatoprotective drugs.

Experienced athletes who have already learned how to inject themselves often choose injectable steroids forĀ strength. They have their advantages - taking only 1-2 times a week, less hepatotoxicity. But, on the other hand, with frequent injections, there is a threat of local purulent complications of the skin and muscles. Here it is necessary to weigh the pros and cons of each form and choose for yourself a suitable option.

The right drug choice

Much also depends on the manufacturer of the drug. It's no secret that drugs can be faked, and anabolic steroids, as popular and quite expensive drugs, are faked very often. Therefore, in order to protect yourself, you need to study quality certificates. An anabolic steroid store can provide them to you. Taking a fake drug can harm the health of the athlete, and will not give the desired effect.

The first course of steroids - how to take steroids?

If this is your first course, it is advisable that it includes only one drug, in tablet form. Before starting a course of muscle building steroids, you should learn more about your body - pass general tests, and a blood test for hormones. So you can know the initial level of your hormones before the course of steroids for bodybuilding. And, accordingly, after the course, you can easily track the effect of drugs on your body.

Before taking, it is advisable to consult your doctor. You need to think about possible allergies to the substance or components of the anabolic. You can also find out from your doctor if the medicines you are taking are compatible with anabolic steroids.

It is strictly forbidden to drink alcohol during the course of anabolic steroids, as well as within two months after its completion.

Oral forms of steroids are toxic to the liver. Subject to the correct dosage, as well as the use of hepatoprotective agents to cleanse the liver, the harm done can be reduced to almost zero. Alcohol is also a toxic agent poisoning the liver. The simultaneous use of oral anabolic steroids and alcohol can lead to toxic liver damage. In addition, alcohol completely neutralizes the effect of steroids.

When using several drugs on the same course, there should be only one oral steroid.

When compiling courses of two or more drugs, a combination of several injectable steroids is used. The preparation of the oral form can be only one. Because when using two oral preparations at once, there will be no double growth of mass and strength, but double damage to the liver.

During the course of anabolic steroids, you need to exercise regularly and hard.

Steroids only help you build muscle and strength faster. They will not do the work for you. You need to constantly train hard and for a long time. Steroids will give you strength for this.

Do not wait for the first results of taking anabolic steroids until after a week.

You do not need to think that steroids will begin to act immediately after you have taken the first dose. Firstly, any drug needs to get into the bloodstream and take action. The tablets first enter the stomach, then they are absorbed into the blood. It takes time. Injectable drugs immediately enter the bloodstream, but they all need time to make the changes noticeable to you.

Proper nutrition with steroids

Use only fractional nutrition (up to 12 times a day), this will speed up the metabolism and get full strength to achieve the goal and active training. The minimum number of meals is up to 6 times. Remove simple carbohydrates that can trigger the accumulation of fat (bread, sugar, cereals). Protein and carbohydrates are better to eat separately at different hours. Nutrition on a steroid course is calculated based on the goal.

When deciding to use anabolic drugs for mass in your workouts, you need to know and understand how to do this correctly, without consequences for yourself and your health. Only an integrated approach favourably affects sports results and allows you to save them for a long time.