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Are there safe steroids? Effects of steroids.

Are there safe steroids? Effects of steroids.

Around anabolic steroids now there are many myths and conjectures. In the media, you can often hear about the negative effects of steroids and their harm to the body. It is especially emphasized that their use is very dangerous to health. And that you should not even start a course of anabolics. But every practising athlete is interested - is that so? In this article, we will examine whether safe steroids exist.

Are there safe steroids?

First, you must always remember that no drugs can be completely safe. Even harmless dietary supplements or Phyto-drugs have side effects. And for some substances, they can be very serious. For example, when consuming large amounts of curcumin as a dietary supplement, drug-induced hepatitis can occur.

There is such an expression of the famous doctor Paracelsus: "Everything is poison, and everything is medicine." The effect on the body depends on the dosage of the substance itself. This rule should be a guide to the use of any medications. It applies to anabolic steroids too. After all, only a systematic, prolonged excess of doses cause most of the side effects. And most of the cases that were presented as evidence of the negative effects of steroids occurred precisely because of overdoses.

Positive effects of steroids

They represent all the benefits for which athletes begin taking steroids. This is, first of all, a rapid increase in muscle mass. Some athletes claim that mass gain on and without steroids occurs in completely different ways. And there is a possible way to achieve rapid muscle growth even at home with anabolic steroids.

Muscle growth occurs due to rapid protein synthesis and increased oxygen consumption by the muscles. Steroids also increase the number of red blood cells in the blood, so that a lot of oxygen and nutrients enter the muscles. Athletes also note an increase in appetite, which also positively affects muscle growth.

When taking steroids, they also note a quick recovery after training, an increase in strength and endurance. Some athletes also have some changes in their mood and character. The athlete becomes more confident in himself and his abilities, self-esteem and mood increase. An increase in sexual activity is also a positive effect of the steroids. It happens not only in men but also in women.

The negative effects of steroids

First of all, this is a violation of the synthesis of their hormones, mainly testosterone. Due to the synthetic analogues of testosterone that enter the body from the outside, the synthesis of its hormones is reduced. Therefore, after the termination of the course, the athlete may experience symptoms of a decrease in testosterone levels - a decrease in muscle strength and sexual activity.

The main side effects include hepatotoxicity. It is important to note that this effect is not manifested in all athletes. The negative effect on the liver depends on the substance itself and its dose. Also, damage to the liver during the course of steroids is affected by the athlete’s diseases and his genetic predisposition.

Side effects such as acne and baldness, an increase in the likelihood of diseases of the cardiovascular system, and an increase in cholesterol can also be noted.

It is important to note that completely safe steroids do not exist since all of them were synthesized chemically. But with proper admission, compliance with dosages and duration of the course, the harm of steroids can be minimized. When comparing all the characteristics of steroids, you can form a kind of rating, which anabolic steroids are the safest.


One of these steroids is Oxandrolone. Many doctors recommend it as one of the safest and most mild drugs. This steroid is able to build only high-quality muscle mass, it cannot aromatize into estrogen and can burn body fat. Anavar does not require PCT, it has practically no side effects, and only at very high doses can negatively affect testosterone production. Almost non-toxic to the liver. Oxandrolone is rapidly excreted from the body and can be taken without problems even by women. Read more about safe steroids for women in this article.


Safe steroids include Stanozolol (Winstrol). It is used by athletes to improve muscle quality, increase strength, endurance, power and speed. The drug is used mainly to achieve relief and dry muscles. It is one of the safest steroids to gain muscle mass. Stanozolol is capable of burning fat and is used by athletes before competitions. It has moderate liver toxicity. Not able to aromatize, but can cause androgenic side effects at high doses - acne, etc. Therefore, it is not recommended for use in women.


Boldenone also refers to more harmless steroids. It helps to increase appetite, increase protein synthesis, and, consequently, increases the muscles of the athlete, increases the number of red blood cells. By this, the supply of oxygen to muscle tissue increases. Many athletes recommend it as one of the safest steroids for the liver. Practically unable to convert to estrogen, therefore, estrogenic side effects are very rare. In very rare cases, acne, baldness, and other androgenic adverse reactions can occur. Very weakly inhibits the production of testosterone.


Primobolan is a long-acting injectable AS. It provides a slow, but extremely high-quality muscle gain. Just like Oxandrolone, it is not androgenic and does not close the bone growth zones. We can recommend it as one of the best steroids for a beginner.

What are the characteristics of a safe steroid course?

A safe steroid course it's one when all negative effects on the athlete’s body are minimal. In this case, the athlete complies with the dosage rules of the preparations, the frequency and connection between themselves. You can order a course of steroids in our store. A safe course of steroids should have the following characteristics:

  • Drugs with low toxicity and minor side effects. Moreover, not only toxicity is important for individual organs, but also the whole organism;
  • Low androgenic index of all drugs. This will provide the athlete with a minimum of side effects;
  • Low aromatization and conversion to estrogens.

What conclusions we can draw?

Side effects can occur when using any drug, not only when using steroids. You need to know about steroids harm and benefit before applying it. The risk of side effects increases if an athlete uses large doses of anabolic steroids for a long time. With a competent approach to the course of steroids, you can minimize the risk of harm to health and minimize it.

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