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Is it possible to gain muscle mass at home training

Is it possible to gain muscle mass at home training

Our muscles need constant stimuli to grow. Muscle growth occurs mainly after their microdamage during strength training. Many athletes are interested in whether it is possible to gain muscle mass at home. Professional bodybuilders are confident that gaining high-quality muscle mass is possible only when training in the gym with special equipment. But it is not so. In this article, we will consider whether it is possible to gain muscle mass at-home training.

Benefits of Home Workouts

Yes, training at home has its advantages. First, the most obvious advantage is that training at home is free. Yes, you may have to spend money on some equipment in the beginning. For home workouts, a gymnastic mat, comfortable clothes, and a set of dumbbells with different weights can come in handy. Of course, dumbbells can be replaced with improvised means, for example, bottles of water. This method is convenient for beginner athletes who do not want to spend a lot of money on equipment. You may even spend your money for the first course of steroids for a beginner instead of spending it on a gym.

But even the cost of all the necessary devices for practicing at home can not be compared with the cost of a subscription to the gym. In addition, novice athletes may also need personal training with a trainer to control the training technique.

The second advantage is privacy. Many novice athletes are embarrassed to go to the gym, fearing condemnation from professional bodybuilders. In fact, a beginner should remember that the main goal of going to the gym is to work on physical fitness. And all visitors to the hall are busy with their work, and rarely pay attention to others. You can learn more about the rules of behaving in the gym in this article.

Different muscle groups

It is worth remembering that even when training at home, you need to have a clear training plan. Indeed, without a training plan, it will be difficult for you to navigate how to properly build a home workout. First of all, before the training itself, you need to carefully plan the muscle groups that you will work on. It will not be superfluous to draw up a nutrition plan.

Building a workout is based on various muscle groups. First, you need to focus on the muscles of the nucleus. These are mainly the muscles of the back and abs. Secondly, you need to use the muscles of the upper and lower extremities. The load on the muscles at home should also be increased. This can be achieved either by increasing the working weight or by increasing the number of approaches. In this article, you can find examples of long courses of steroids.

Core muscle training at home

For training the back and press muscles at home, exercises such as the bar, push-ups from the floor and from the wall are well suited. These exercises, although they are considered simple, can significantly improve the tone of the muscles of the back and abs. The back muscles will strengthen regular pull-ups on the crossbar, which is easy to install even in the apartment.

Everyone knows that the muscles of the press are divided into the upper press, lower and lateral. Exercises vary depending on what part of the press you want to work out. Also, pumping the press, you always use the back muscles. To engage different groups of abs muscles to allow various techniques and methods to train the abs and at home. For example, to pump up the lower press at home, it is enough to perform exercises with lifting legs and to pump up the upper press at home, exercises with lifting the body are necessary.

Twisting is also good for training the press. These simple exercises are well suited for beginners because they can be performed at first without weighting. Then, increasing the load, you can increase the number of approaches, and begin to perform exercises with extra weight.

Upper Shoulder Muscle Training at home

Training the muscles of the upper shoulder girdle at home is not as difficult as it seems. To work on these muscles, you need to have a minimal set of dumbbells for pumping biceps and triceps. The training should always begin with work on larger muscles and end with the study of smaller groups.

Leg muscle pumping at home

Undoubtedly, the best exercises for pumping the gluteal and leg muscles at home are squats, lunges. It is with these exercises that a beginner should begin. As an increase in the load, these weights can be performed.

Training regimen at home

Motivation and a set of dumbbells are two main conditions for effective muscle training at home. At the same time, the desire to achieve a result in the form of a sports body plays a decisive role - otherwise, you simply cannot force yourself to exercise regularly in conditions where everything around is more likely to be distracting.

But do not forget about cardio exercises at home. As for cardio training, you can use jogging, cycling, dancing. It’s a good idea to focus on different muscle groups on different days. If you build a training schedule so that on different days to work on different muscle groups, then there will be enough time to relax. Pay special attention to keeping a training diary. Record the work weight used in the exercises and the number of repetitions performed. As soon as you can repeat the exercise at the maximum specified boundary (that is, 10, 12 or 15 repetitions), increase the weight of the dumbbells, while reducing the number of repetitions.

In conclusion

You should not immediately set great goals for yourself. Training at home will help to achieve the desired form if you strictly follow the regime. In other words, consistency and perseverance are important in-home training. A course for a beginner to mass can help you in achieving your training goals.