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What things you better shouldn’t do in the gym?

What things you better shouldn’t do in the gym?

Imitation game

At first, you shouldn’t take the biggest dumbbells and try to imitate big guys that pump up in the gym for ages. Many newbies come to the gym and proudly try to do exercise independently, imitating more experienced athletes. It’s totally wrong! Firstly you should learn the correct technique of doing exercises. Coaches and your mates will help you in this.

Walking through the gym, looking in the mirrors

Sometimes gym seems like an anthill: these guys do their programs, another move fast between the training apparatus, somebody else carry heavy dumbbells. You should remember that you cannot disturb another athletes during trainings. It is good if the gym is big enough for walking, but it happens rarely. So, nobody likes slow guys in the gym.

Trainings topless is a big no in the gym

Sometimes it is very warm in the gym and you really dream to take off your clothes, but remember about another athletes, that will use the same training apparatus. After all, your bare chest leaves a big puddle of sweat. If your clothes disturb you too much, cover your place with the towel. Your mates will be grateful!

Wear dirty clothes

Athlete usually smells bad during the trainings, because he is too lazy to clean his staff. Everybody who goes to the gym knows that you need much fresh air after the exercise. It is very difficult to breathe near the dirty person. Nobody wants to have deal with such people, even if they are good people at all. Very strong smell of the perfume is also bad.

Mobile phone

It’s very difficult to leave your phone, but not in the gym. You came here to work hard. No needs to put your nose into the phone after every exercise. At first, your rest will be longer with your phone. At second, it’s better to spend this time to communicate with another people around. It is really important to have nice relations with gym mates to change your experience with each other. Doing sport alone is more difficult than with your fellow’s help. Putting nose into the phone couldn’t help you to communicate. Also the phone makes you less attentive – you can skip that somebody need your help.

The biggest mistake in the gym

Everybody saw people that forget to clean up their stuff. What feeling appears when you should clean up after the someone? Or when you are injured due to loose equipment? We know this feeling, but some people think that they shouldn’t clean up after themselves. Be careful and put everything to their places and every person in the gym will respect you like the athlete.

Don’t be shy!

Don’t afraid to ask another sportsmen how to do the exercise or how to use the training apparatus. Every athlete will help you with pleasure, as he was on your place some time ago. Also you shouldn’t hesitate of using a little weight, nobody cares. Catching the result you can waste your health, so don’t try to start with the heavy weight. You shouldn’t hesitate if your muscles not as big as you want. You need to accent the attention on these muscles, no need to hide them under the clothes. Also if you want to know more about anabolic steroids for muscle growth, visit our store.

Be polite, attentive, tidy and moderately talkative, so you will find nice friends that will help you to become more strong and athletic.