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High-protein diet for losing weight

High-protein diet for losing weight

There are many different ways to lose weight, which are often accompanied by strict prohibitions and requirements. Therefore, a person who is interested in losing unnecessary kilograms is forced to endure a constant feeling of hunger and the consequences of a weakened body. A high-protein diet is one of the methods by which you can neutralize the negative aspects of losing weight. Which makes it attractive for people who want to lose weight but do not want to endure excessive inconvenience.

Proteins and their role in our metabolism

Proteins are the most versatile molecules for the human body. And proteins are also key to almost all biological processes. The average recommended dose is calculated using a ratio of 1 g of protein for every 1 kilogram of a person’s body weight. They provide the body with energy balance, help to generate up to 20% of energy during exercise.

Who is the high protein diet suitable for?

A high-protein diet is an optimal diet for those who are going to pass the best dry weight gain course and get rid of fat deposits while having strength and energy for physical exertion. A high-protein diet was originally developed for people involved in sports on a professional basis. With its help, athletes quickly got rid of excessive amounts of subcutaneous fat. However, this method of losing weight can be suitable for ordinary people who are interested in losing weight.

With intense physical exertion on the body, it is necessary to eat foods with the largest protein component. Shock training contributes to the destruction of dry weight rate. The task of the protein is to cope with it and increase muscle volume. Fact: it is proved that a protein diet can increase muscle mass, energy level, improve metabolism and overall health. Exercise with a protein diet increases the amount of growth hormone in the body and reduces the level of subcutaneous fat.

High-protein diet`s action

Its essence is to build a menu in such a way as to ensure the intake of a large amount of protein food. The daily minimum is 2 grams of protein per kilogram of meat or fish. At the same time, the consumption of fats and carbohydrates is limited.

A minimum of carbohydrates and fibre in a high-protein diet allows the body to spend energy on protein breakdown, taking it from adipose rather than muscle tissue. But that is why a high-protein diet can cause some digestive problems, which must be taken into account. A high-protein diet will bring little benefit to those who do not play sports or do not limit the calorie content of the food.

Protein diet contributes to the rapid withdrawal of water from the body. Thus, a person loses excess weight in a quick time. Then fat deposits and muscle mass go away, and the athlete is heading for mass. Weight loss at this stage proceeds more slowly, but it will be constant, and you will become even slimmer.

Stages of a high-protein diet

At the first stage, the body leaves excess fluid, so the protein diet is also called drying. Then, while under stress, the body begins to burn muscle tissue and try to accumulate even more fat - in order to avoid hungry days. It is at this stage that a large amount of protein does not allow the muscles to go away, making up for losses. If it is impossible to store the surplus in reserves, the body begins to burn body fat.

Proteins are digested for a long time, so there is no feeling of hunger. This reduces the likelihood of "breakdowns", as there will be no constant feeling of hunger.

The next stage of this diet is actually weight loss. Weight loss is due to the departure of excess fat, not muscle mass, which avoids exhaustion. The principle of action is as follows: when you use protein as the main food and minimize the number of carbohydrates. Then the body has to draw energy from body fat since protein serves only as a building material, so the athlete can gain only high quality muscle mass.

Main principles of a high-protein diet

In order for a high-protein diet to contribute to the achievement of the goal, it is necessary to ensure compliance with a number of important principles:

  • each meal should contain protein in combination with other necessary components;
  • you have to take food 4-5 times a day but at the same time. The volume of servings will have to be reduced. Thus, you can avoid the feeling of hunger, while maintaining the ability to lose weight;
  • every day it is important to drink 2–2.5 litres of water. It should be free of gases and other harmful impurities in the form of dyes and preservatives;
  • you`ll have to build the meal schedule correctly, ensuring the consumption of the main volume of food for up to 16 hours. You must give preference to light products: sour-milk, salads, fresh fruits and vegetables;
  • a high-protein diet for weight loss can last no more than two weeks. Otherwise, there is a risk of health problems;

Other important notes about this diet

You will have to give a lot of time to physical exercises to get rid of fat deposits, and not muscle mass. At the same time, you should not overload your body with exhausting workouts. Because due to many prohibitions, it is in a stressful state, so it may be unable to maintain the functioning of all systems under excessive load. You can combine this diet with the use of anabolic complex, like Testosterone propionate or Nandrolone. Also, many athletes prefer Oxandrolone for drying course. The combination of a right diet and sports medicine can significantly change your figure. You can find these drugs for sale in our anabolic shop.

In order to maintain the achieved result as long as possible, you will need to adhere to the rules for getting out of the diet. If, after the end of the period of weight loss, immediately start consuming your favourite, but unhealthy food, the stomach may not be able to cope with it. As a result, there is a high likelihood of a gag reflex, nausea, indigestion, or impaired functioning of the entire digestive system.

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