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Strength training for women - how to build a workout

Strength training for women - how to build a workout

There is a stereotype that strength training is more suitable for men than for women. Proponents of this theory argue that pumping muscle and gaining muscle mass is not exactly what women need. Also, many are confident that for women, more cardio training than strength training is more appropriate. But this statement is not entirely true. In this article, we will figure out how to properly build strength training for women.

Over the past years, many women bodybuilders have destroyed and continue to destroy this stereotype. They prove that it is strength training that helps in building the desired shape. But, unfortunately, on the Internet, it is now difficult to find high-quality and simply presented information on building strength training for women. If you are searching for safe anabolicsĀ for women, you can visit our store.

Benefits of Strength Training for Women

Firstly, without a sufficient number of strength exercises, it is impossible to build a dream body. Even if you have to lose a lot of excess weight, do not forget about weight training. Many women, for the first time starting to play sports, focus on cardio training. Many girls are afraid of gaining excess weight after strength training. But spoiling the figure with muscle mass is very difficult, if not impossible.

The fact is that a figure with a large percentage of muscle mass will look much more attractive than just a lean one. And besides, women are more difficult to gain muscle mass than men. This is due to the low level of testosterone in the body in women. Therefore, women should not be afraid to pump or gain excess muscle mass during the course on quality mass.

Secondly, with the help of strength exercises, calories are also burned. Many for some reason are convinced that in order to get rid of excess fat and burn calories, you only need to practice on a treadmill. But this is not so, strength training also burns body fat. And it is the combination of these two types of training that will help shape your dream body.

Do not forget that the pumped back muscles provide a beautiful posture. And this, of course, improves the figure and makes a good impression. In addition, strength exercises for the back muscles will help reduce pain in the neck and sacrum. But it is worth remembering the correct technique for performing these exercises. Before you include them in your training regimen, you should ask the advice of a qualified trainer. It will not be superfluous to ask the trainer to control your exercise technique.

The best exercises for women bodybuilders

There are many effective strength exercises for women in the weight training course. Many of them can be done at home, with the help of home dumbbells or improvised means. Below we will consider the most useful and uncomplicated in execution.

Firstly, for pumping the muscles of the upper shoulder girdle it is worth trying Push-ups, Handstand pushups and Pull-ups and chin-ups. Push-ups is a familiar exercise, but it is also one of the most effective. Almost all athletes use them in their training. Do not forget that the back should be straight. Pull-ups (overhand grip) and chin-ups (underhand grip) will help in the formation of the muscles of the upper shoulder girdle. It is worth combining them with push-ups. Handstand pushups are slightly easier to perform than regular ones. But they also bring great benefits, as the weight of your body will help in training.

Exercises for pumping core muscles for women are very important. After all, both beautiful posture and overall strength and endurance depend on this. These are the so-called basic exercises that should be present in every workout. Firstly, this is a familiar plank exercise. In fact, these are the same push-ups, but without movement. This exercise is quite difficult to perform, especially for beginners. But, nevertheless, it is the bar that will help build the muscles of the nucleus and increase the overall endurance of the athlete. Sit-ups and crunches with weight will also help increase stamina. Everyone knows how to do sit-ups and crunches correctly. But performing these exercises with weight will help increase their effectiveness. For pumping legs and buttocks, Barbell squats and Dumbbell lunges are best suited. The added weight in these exercises will help increase their effectiveness.

Important aspects of strength training for women

In strength training for women, it is most important to focus not on the number of approaches, but on their intensity. Indeed, strength exercises with the wrong technique, even in large numbers, will not bring enough effect. The right tactic is to start training with low weight, gradually increasing it. The optimal number of approaches for a beginner athlete is from 6 to 12, depending on the type of exercise. Over time, you will be able to perform more approaches and will be able to increase working weight.

It is worth remembering that muscle growth is possible only with a constant increase in load and its diversity. Muscle hypertrophy occurs due to damage to muscle fibres during training. Long-term performance of habitual exercises will not lead to an increase in muscle mass. Therefore, it is worth alternating the types of load and gradually increase the working weight.

Using a steroid course for women can help achieve sporting goals. When choosing drugs, it is worth remembering that for men and women it is worth using different drugs. You can learn more about steroids for women in this article.

In conclusion

The information that is presented in this article will help you in building strength training for a novice athlete. If your goal is a set of muscle mass, do not forget about the regime of rest and sleep and good nutrition. Visit our steroid online store to know more about different steroids and fat-burning drugs.