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Short steroid courses - the pros and cons of this approach

Short steroid courses - the pros and cons of this approach

Anabolic steroids are potent substances that cause muscle hypertrophy. And now their effects are actively studied both in medicine and in the field of sports. Each athlete has his own way of using these medicines. Someone is more likely to take a long course of admission. And for someone, short steroid courses are more suitable. In this article, we will consider the advantages and disadvantages of short courses of steroids. And also we will analyze which drugs are suitable for use in a short steroid course.

The benefits of short steroids courses

The use of steroid drugs on a short-term basis has many advantages, including low cost, no side effects, high efficiency. Some athletes even call it steroid courses for fighters. A similar approach is mainly used by amateurs who do not take part in competitions. These advantages have become the main reason for the spread of short steroid courses among novice bodybuilders. Thanks to the short-term use of steroids, beginners get the opportunity for a short period of time to achieve high strength indicators, gain a decent amount of muscle mass with minimal cost. If you do not exceed the dosage, the system will not bring any side effects.

Norwegian scientists from the University of Oslo report that even short-term administration of anabolic steroids increases the ability of muscles to grow for a long time. According to experiments, the use of anabolics triggers the so-called cellular memory mechanism. Thus, with the resumption of physical exertion after a long period of rest, muscle strength and volume will be restored much faster in those athletes who used anabolics, compared to those who never used them at all.

Also, short steroid courses have a less negative effect on the lipid profile. Probably, many athletes, to a greater extent this applies to beginners and amateurs, do not know that with any use of steroids, the lipid profile changes. Many athletes have confirmed the fact of a decrease in the level of good cholesterol and a simultaneous increase in the content of harmful to the body. To normalize the lipid level, as a rule, it takes from 3 to 10 weeks of rest from steroids.

What is a short course of steroids?

A short course of steroids can be called their continuous use for up to 4 weeks, and for some athletes, it can be the best course for the mass. Among bodybuilders, 2 + 4 or 3 + 3 schemes are common. What does it mean? For example, in a 2 + 4 for a 2-week cycle, an athlete consumes anabolic steroids directly. And 4 weeks after such a short course are for recovery and post-cycle therapy. Accordingly, on the 3 + 3 course, the athlete uses professional bodybuilder steroid courses for the first 3 weeks and restores the body for the next 3 weeks.

There are many more varieties of short courses, but all of them are united by the fact that the total period of use of anabolic steroids is up to 4-5 weeks in a row. And that’s exactly what they differ from long courses where athletes can take steroids for up to 8-9 weeks in a row, and some steroid courses can even last up to 6 months.

How to choose steroids for a short course?

Selected anabolics should be powerful enough, and their dosage should give maximum results in a short period of time. You can use soft preparations, for example, Anavar, but this will not give such good results. The most suitable steroids for short courses are Dianabol, Testosterone propionate, Trenbolone and Anadrol.

Among the most effective combinations are the following: Testosterone propionate and Trenbolone course; mass course with Trenbolone, Testosterone propionate, and Winstrol, Anadrol and Testosterone propionate, Dianabol propionate.

This is not a complete list of drugs that can be taken on the system of short courses of steroids. When purchasing this or that medication, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the cost, quality, and effect, in order to choose the best option. This type of anabolic use we can call the most harmless steroid course.

Who should take short steroid courses?

Short steroid courses are more suitable for beginners in bodybuilding who want to get acquainted with the effects of anabolic steroids. Yes, anabolic steroids before and after will not be so different in this case. An athlete will not be able to gain as much muscle mass as during a long course. Yes, perhaps a novice bodybuilder may have the impression that such courses do not bring many benefits, as the Nandrolone phenylpropionate course on weight. But, on the other hand, after such courses, there are fewer side effects. Many bodybuilders say that after short courses there is much less effect on the liver and blood pressure. This method of application is a great chance to get acquainted with anabolics and decide for yourself whether to continue to use them.

The disadvantages of short steroid courses

There are also disadvantages to such courses. Firstly, this is a fairly limited selection of drugs for ready courses for the mass. Not all steroids are suitable for short courses. The drug must be quite powerful to work on a short course. Secondly, a short course will have a greater cost than a long one. This is due to the fact that short courses use more expensive drugs, and they must be consumed in large dosages. While a long course can be carried out on less powerful steroids, which will be cheaper.

Well, the main drawback is that it is less effective from this type of steroid administration. But this disadvantage can also be affected by long workouts, a high-calorie protein diet and self-confidence

In conclusion

Short courses help with weight gain and increase in strength indicators, which will be lower than with long-term use but will avoid serious negative consequences. Of course, every athlete has the right to choose a steroid regimen for himself. Short ones are more suitable for some, and long courses of steroids are suitable for someone. It is important to know anabolic steroids pros and cons before choosing a method for yourself. You can pick up high-quality steroids in the Anabolic Menu store.


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