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Global Anabolic Testosterone BASE 50mg
Product Code: ga-test-suspension-50

  • $35.00

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  • Brand: Global Anabolic
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Chemical name: Testosterone Suspension
    Strength: 50mg
    Size: 10 ml vial

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Manufacturer: Global Anabolic

Chemical name: Testosterone Suspension

Strength: 50mg

Size: 10 ml vial

Product info:

Testosterone suspension or BASE is the oldest testosterone to ever be found in the market. The reason way it has such name (BASE) is that this from does not have an ester attached to it, that means it is an absolute pure testosterone. This anabolic steroid hit the market in the early thirties, and it had a lot of applications in medicine. However since testosterone propionate and other ester forms appeared in the market, they took suspension’s place in medicine, leaving it to be used as a performance and strength enhancer.

Athletes and bodybuilder use testosterone to speed up their recovery specially after hard training. This anabolic steroid carries traits that are beneficial to improve performance and to grant them strength to get through their training. Enhancement of cells to built-up more protein (protein synthesis) and to increase nitrogen retention into the muscles will definitely increase recovery rate foe athletes. Also can inhibit the actions of glucocorticoid hormones. Such hormones can promote your body to be in a catabolic state.

Another two benefits that must be mentioned is that testosterone suspension will enhance your hypothalamus to secret more Insulin-like growth factor and will increase red blood cell count. Both of the properties will boost the recovery tare in your body thereby enhancing muscle endurance and allowing you to grow bigger and stronger.


This raw form if testosterone is a really fast acting form, actually it is the fastest. This is its commonly used in off season cycles. High levels of testosterone promote weight gain with a noticeable muscular mass while enhancing metabolic rate that will help you control fat gain. Although having high levels of testosterone will protect you from losing muscular mass while cutting, with this raw fast acting testosterone form it is hard to control the water retention making this anabolic steroid not the best to be used in cutting cycle.

The dose of this drug begins from 50-100mg every other day. Most of users will find such dose to be effective. A higher dose 150-200 can be attempted, however such a high dose may increase the chances of side effects. The pest period to use this drug ranges from 4 to 6 weeks.

Side effects:

As mentioned before, this anabolic is a really fast acting anabolic steroid, but with such fast effects there might be side effects that an individual should be aware of.
Here are some of them and how to manage and avoid them if possible:

  • This anabolic steroid has the ability to change and to be converted to estrogen. High levels of estrogen may lead to estrogenic side such as gynecomastia, water retention and elevated blood pressure. Stacking an Aromatase inhibitor such as Arimidex seems to be effective in solving such issues.

  • Acne, body hair loss and boldness are some of the androgenic side effects that testosterone carries with it. Adding a  5-alpha reductase inhibitor such as Finasteride will help to decrease such symptoms for a certain levels.

  • It might be found that after finishing the cycle low levels of natural testosterone are in the blood, that is because synthetic testosterone suppresses natural testosterone production. A good PCT with HCG and Clomid will help to speed up the production to allow natural testosterone reach its level before the usage of synthetic testosterone


  • This drug does not cause any stress or damage to the liver.

  • This drug may cause a painful feeling in the place of injection.

  • The control of side effects depends on one’s nature, and how he would react to such drug

* Please make sure to consulate with your doctor before taking this drug, and check with him in case any of these signs and symptoms develop.

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