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Global Anabolic PARABOLAN 100mg
Product Code: ga-tren-h-100

  • $70.00

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  • Brand: Global Anabolic
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Chemical name: Trenbolone Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate
    Strength: 100mg
    Size: 10ml vial

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Manufacturer: Global Anabolic

Chemical name: Trenbolone Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate

Strength: 100mg

Size: 10ml vial


Product info:

Tren Hex or Parabolan are the trade names of the large ester Trenbolone. This drug was in the market in the late 60’s by Negma. This drug had great therapeutic benefits in the treatment of weight wasting diseases and osteoporosis in most cases. However, this drug can no longer be found in the pharmaceutical market any more.

Parabolan is a 19-nortestosterone derivative and it’s a lot similar to Trenbolone, but the deference in its structure allows it to be released much slower than and for a longer time than Trenbolone. The change in its structure also increase the hormone androgen ability to bind, it also inhibits and prevent the hormone from aromatizing.

Parabolan is a potent anabolic androgenic steroid that carries a very high rating if compared row testosterone. This hormone holds a rating of 500 while testosterone holds 100. With this high rating, it is easier to understand the anabolic properties and benefits that its grants. This anabolic steroid has the ability to enhance protein synthesis in cells and increases nitrogen retention into the muscles leading to higher anabolic status. Another benefits that should be mentioned is that this drug can increase red blood cell count and enhance IGF-1 output, thereby increasing oxygenation throughout the whole body and increasing recovery rate and performance.

What makes this drug standout of the pack is that it enhances nutrient efficiency. This means that you will benefit for every gram of food that you take, every single protein that you consume will count. There for more benefit will be gained from your diet and less wasted.


This drug has an amazingly physique changing properties, that is why this drug is used in cutting cycles. however this drug can be also used off season as a bulking steroid too. The dosage of Parabolan is measured by amount of ampoules taking per week; since every ampoule contains 50mg of active Trenbolone Hex. The most common used dose is 3-4 ampoules per week, this dose is enough to see results regarding performance enhancement and hard mass gains. Some mentioned that a dose of 1-2 per week were also helpful. A period of 8-10 weeks of use is the slandered period. This drug stacks well with other anabolic steroid, like with Winstrol if you are looking for a leaner appearance, or with Dbol if you are bulking.

Side effects:

Parabolan is not what you would call a friendly anabolic steroid regarding side effects as most of people say, actually it can cause some.
Here are some of the side effects that it might cause and how to manage them or avoid them if possible:

  • Estrogenic side effects such as water retention and gynecomastia actually might occur; although it does not carry with it any estrogenic. Progesterone can active estrogenic actions in some sensitive men causing gynecomastia. A usage of anti estrogenic drug is recommended in such case.

  • Androgenic side effects are possible since this drug is highly androgenic. Hair loss , acne , and body hair growth may happen to men, it depends on their genetic disposition. As for women, this drug has a very high possibly to cause Virilization, so we don’t recommend it. If were to be used by woman, then please with extreme caution.

  • Low testosterone levels may be founded after the finishing or discontinuing of Tren hex. A good PCT is recommended.

* This drug may cause nausea, vomiting, insomnia and allergies. If such side effects appear please make sure contact your doctor.

* Please make sure to consulate with your doctor before taking this drug, and check with him in case any of these signs and symptoms develop.

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