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Asia Dispensary Sustanon 300
Product Code: ad-sustan-300

  • $35.00

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  • Brand: Asia Dispensary
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Chemical name: Testosterone blend
    Strength: 300mg
    Size: 10ml vial

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Manufacturer: Asia Dispensary

Chemical name: Testosterone blend

Strength: 300mg

Size: 10ml vial

Product info:

Sustanon 300 is the trade name for an injectable anabolic androgenic steroid, it is a testosterone blend with deferent esters attached to it, thus controlling the release time of it and providing stable levels throughout the entire cycle. Sustanon contains 30mg of testosterone propionate, 60mg of testosterone phenylpropionate, 60mg of testosterone isocaproate and 150mg of testosterone decanoate.

Sustanon serves as a great agent for testosterone replacement therapy. An injection per month will solve problems such as decreased libido, depression and lake of sex drive. However, bodybuilders and athletes need an injection per week to see benefits such as increased strength, improved and increased recovery rate and increased muscle mass.

Maintain stable levels of testosterone has a dramatic influence. it enhances protein synthesis in cells and allows more nitrogen to return muscles. It also can inhibit the catabolic state of body by inhibiting glucocorticoid hormones that are responsible of breaking down muscles and accumulating fat. It should be mentioned also that it has a direct influence on the liver causing it to increase IGF-1 output, such peptide can mimic the actions of human growth hormone, thereby providing a higher recovery rat for muscles and every cell in your body.


Sustanon is what we can call an all time anabolic blend, meaning that it can be used in bulking cycles and cutting cycles. Stacking such blend with other strong steroid such as DECA or Dbol will grant amazing results regarding strength and muscle mass gains. If used in cutting cycles alongside strict caloric diet, it will protect from muscle wasting and give you the strength needed to push through training.

A dose of 300mg per week is enough to support testosterone levels and enhance your performance. A dose of 500-600mg per weeks is a considered more effective and somewhat tolerated dose if staked with Aromasin and N2Guard.

Side effects:

Testosterone is a well tolerated anabolic steroid for most healthy adults if used correctly and stacked with agents to neutralize it side effects. However, if misused or abused it may cause unfavorable side effects.
Here are some of the side effects that such bled may lead to and hoe o manage them and control if possible:

  • Gynecomastia, water retention and high blood pressure are some of the estrogenic side effects that may occur. Adding an Aromatase inhibitor could help and suppress such side effects.

  • Boldness(hair loss) , body hair growth and acne are all androgenic side effects that could be cause by this drug since it’s a highly androgenic drug.

  • Low levels of natural testosterone could be found after the discontinuation of finishing the use of testosterone blend. A PCT is highly recommended including Clomid and HCG will speed up the recovery and the production of testosterone.


  • Injectable testosterone has no negative actions on liver.

* Please make sure to consulate with your doctor before taking this drug, and check with him in case any of these signs and symptoms develop.

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