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Mistakes of novice bodybuilders and how to avoid them

Mistakes of novice bodybuilders and how to avoid them

When trying bodybuilding for beginners, you cannot avoid mistakes of novice bodybuilders. The first one of many mistakes that almost all beginners in bodybuilding make is the lack of a warm-up before and after weight training. Of course, if your working weight does not exceed 30 kg, then the absence of a warm-up will not cause much harm. But with an increase in training intensity and an increase in working weight, unheated muscles can lead to injuries.

After the warm-up, you can lift more than before the warm-up. Warming up increases resistance to injuries increases your lifting capacity and charges you for the rest of your workout. Also, warming up increases the effectiveness and duration of the workout.

The second of bodybuilders mistakes

The second mistake of beginners is the desire for complex exercises. At the first visit to the gym, many beginners strive to perform many complex exercises at once. And at the same time do not pay attention to basic exercises. At the same time, how exactly the basic exercises for all muscle groups will help you create a beautiful body and prepare for more complex exercises.

The third mistake

The third mistake is to immediately lift a lot of weight from the very beginning. In this case, when you have a lot of bodybuilding motivation, this mistake is common. A beginner bodybuilder immediately takes to lift a lot of weight, believing that the more weight - the more muscles work. This should not be done, as it is fraught with serious damage to muscles, joints or ligaments. That is, too much stress is stress, and this stress can lead not to muscle formation, but to their destruction. In addition, stress leads to the accumulation of mechanical protection, that is, a fat depot. It turns out that the effect of a large amount of load can be directly proportional to our original goals.

Fourth and fifth mistakes

The fourth mistake is the neglect of proper sleep and nutrition. Many years of experience have established that classes in the gym give only about 30% of the total results in muscle growth. The rest is due to proper nutrition and sleep patterns. Without a balanced nutrition program, you will not be able to gain muscle mass or burn fat. Proper nutrition provides us with raw materials to restore strength, energy and promotes muscle growth. Therefore, train 2-3 times a week, so that your muscles have time to recover and organize a full 8-hour sleep.

The fifth mistake is non-compliance with combinations of strength and cardio training. Beginners need to combine cardio and strength training to get a beautiful and healthy body as a result. Experts recommend conducting three strength and two cardio workouts per week.

Sixth of the many bodybuilder's mistakes

The sixth mistake is the choice of isolating single-joint exercises at the beginning of bodybuilding workout. An isolating exercise is an exercise in which a narrow muscle group is involved. Why aren't isolating exercises the best choice for a beginner? Because at the very beginning of training you have to prepare your body and become strong. Multi-joint exercises, as the name implies, are exercises that use many different joints and muscles. There are three basic multi-joint exercises called basic exercises that you should do if you are just starting your bodybuilder journey. These are squats with a barbell, bench press lying and deadlift with a barbell.

Seventh of the athlete`s mistakes

The seventh mistake is the neglect of sports medicine. Many novice athletes believe that they will be able to achieve the perfect shape and dry weight gain without any help. And often their aspirations are not justified. Do not immediately abandon amino acid supplements or testosterone preparations. Good, quality drugs can significantly increase your progress in training. Especially, a Sustanon course on weight can significantly improve your results. You can find high-quality anabolic steroids in our store.

In addition, a very common problem among beginners is that they do not ask their training companions to insure them during the barbell exercises. Safety precautions must not be neglected; your health depends on this. In addition, exercises need to be done to the limit and without help, you simply will not be able to get to the last repetition when you work with all your might.

How to make training effective?

Meanwhile, if the load goes beyond the adaptive capabilities of the body, the training will inevitably turn into overtraining, and instead of strength and health, the athlete gets painful sensations, a feeling of relaxation, depressed mood. How to avoid this?

First of all, novice athletes should not train more than 3-4 times a week. If you are striving for positive results and heading for mass, do not make the set of exercises too large. 9-12 exercises are enough to properly load the body. It is only necessary to observe one necessary condition - exercises should affect all major muscle groups - arms, legs, shoulder girdle, abdominals, back, chest.

A beginner bodybuilder should start his training with the classic bodybuilding exercises that have been tested for many decades and to this day are not out of service, both beginners and "stars". Before classes, you need to thoroughly stretch and only then proceed to the exercises.

The number of repetitions in the approach is 8-12. The number of approaches increases as you train. The weight of the sports equipment is selected so that the last repetition is performed with considerable effort, otherwise, the high quality muscle mass will not grow.

In conclusion, all beginners should remember that you should not expect results immediately. Any, absolutely any sport draws the line between patient and impatient people. Bodybuilding is no exception. Get ready to be patient, not expecting big results. Of course, the weight you lift will increase immediately, but the body will not become muscular and fit so fast.