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Is it possible to destroy fat in the certain place?

Is it possible to destroy fat in the certain place?

As usual, standing in front of the mirror and touching our skin-folds, we start to think if it is possible to get rid of this fat without affecting another parts of our body. There are many opinions. Usually someone can offer you to use magical salves, massagers, some absurd termo belts, that will shake and tweak you, or ever electrocute your problem zones. But you should remember, that you couldn’t remove fat from the specific place on your body – this process affects your whole figure. There is one exception – exercises that contribute blood to flow to the problem zones of body. People that would offer you the super methods only want you to get rid of your money and mislead you.

How fat is spent in the human body?

Fat in the human’s body is known as triglycerine and saved in special adipose cells – lipocytes. The split of the adipose cells to the fatty acid and glycerine happens during the life support of our body. Fat burns during this process and also fat-soluble vitamins, that stock up in the adipose tissue, get into the blood. Fat is also useful for the construction of the new cells and for the hormone production. The process of splitting the adipose tissues is called Lipolysis. During the lipolysis all useful elements, from the adipose cells, get into blood flow and after that, transponted to the right places.

The lipolysis

This process is runned with the help of our hormones. Actually, our brain starts all processes in the body from the hormone synthesis. Hormones are the biologically active substances, products of the organs of the internal secretion. After their secrection, they get into the blood flow and activate all regulatory processes.

Every hormone has its own unique key, that connects with the right receptor in the cell membrane and affects cell function in this way. Thus, hormones couldn’t affect to the adipose cells in the specific place.

This process is global, so it proceeds in all cells together. Obviously, it is impossible to destroy fat only on the zones you’ve chosen.

Hormones and Energy

Our organism can get us energy by different ways, and by using different hormones. Adrenaline and Cortisol - are the stress hormones. The stress hormones secretion usually increases in the unexpected situations and when our body requires a lot of energy. These hormones fill our muscles with energy in one moment. In this case, glucose and protein are split, because these materials are the easiest to recycle into energy. Also these hormones help to increase lipolysis, but this process wastes too much time. T3 and T4 are thyroid hormones. They influence the lypolysis procsess too. You can know more about weight loss medicine here.

Why fat doesn’t burn in the body evenly?

Lipolytic hormones circulate in the body evenly, but fat burns unevenly. This fact can be explained because hormones flow into adipose tissue with blood. Belly, hips and buttocks are the most problematic zones. These zones are poorly provided with capillaries, thus fat burns slowly there.

Massages and such stimulations can help blood to flow to the problem zone, that will help to burn fat there. Artificial simulation couldn’t affect to the splitting of the adipose tissues, but provides better blood access to these tissues, giving hormones the access to the problem zones.

What happens after the splitting of the fat cells?

After lipolysis has started, the blood is full by fatty acids and vitamins. All of these materials should be spent in future. Otherwise, not spent fatty acids will return to the adipose cells and will be saved like before.

How to burn fat correctly and effectively?

At first you should run the lipolysis process, spending the energy reserves. Usually, fat starts to use like fuel after 30 minutes of strong physical activity. After this period you should switch to aerobic exercise: treadmill, bicycle, ski simulator. During these exercises all released fat will spend as energy for muscles work.

Basically, every act that accompanied with temperature increasing and sweating affects the fat reserves. Every act that stimulate blood to flow to your fat depos affects the lipolysis process. Some of them are more effective than the others.

You will never burn your fat without time and perseverance.

Some pharmacological support drugs can help you burn fat faster and more effective. These drugs contain a lot of lipolytic hormones. They can help you burn your fat even during the sleep and everyday duties. You should take it under the care of the doctor and in the healthy amount. You’ll have excellent results even without the strict diet.

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