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Testosterone mix (TMIX 325)
35.50 CAD 27 CAD

Testosterone Blend T-325 – 325mg/mL
Manufacturer: Global Anabolic

Testosterone mix 325 is a combination of the most popular testosterone forms known in the mark. It contains 30mg/ml of Testosterone Acetate, 50mg/ml of testosterone, 50mg/ml of testosterone Phenylpropionate , 90mg/ml of testosterone Cypionate and 105mg/ml of testosterone Decanoate. It is the drug with the biggest testosterone concentration. Such dosage helps to have many benefits, because you get bigger in 2-3 times amount of testosterone in one pack.

Mixtures of testosterone esters have long been actively used by athletes around the world!

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95 CAD 70 CAD

ANAVAR Oxandrolone
Quantity: 100 tablets
Manufacturer: Global Anabolic
Dosage: 10 mg

Anavar is one of a few drugs that have gained the great popularity not only in iron sports, but also used by almost all sportsmen of various kinds of sport. Actually, Anavar is well known in athletics, cycling, boxing, wrestling, and many other areas.

By the way, Anavar is especially popular among female athletes, because this drug has virtually no side effects. If it is used correctly, you probably won’t notice any unwanted effects.

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Feel energized in your workouts and everyday life!
Anavar is a light steroid with a mild effect.

With the correct use of oxandrolone, athletes can get good results with minimal health risks.
Improve your athletics performance!
Sustanon allows you not only to develop your athletic form. With its help, you can achieve many other improvements.

However, we are now only looking at how Sustanon can help athletes achieve maximum results
Get incredible body and impress the girls around you
Thanks to the androgenic effect of the Sustanon, the power indices and endurance increase.

This allows you to train more often and to work out the trained muscle group more qualitatively.

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Owen Finley

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